Radiographer’s Pledge




The Radiographer’s Pledge is the only written pledge for, and demonstrating pride in the Radiological Professions (Radiology, Radiography, Educators, and Managers). As a Radiographer, and past RT Educator for over 40 years, the RT pledge is an excellent item to be incorporated into a Pinning Ceremony, or to be given to each student, having them repeat it together at the Pinning Ceremony, and also to be given to Radiography Educator’s or framed to hang in the Medical Imaging Department, faculty lounge, or I make large copies to hang in the patient waiting room. Words such as, “I will perform my duties with honesty and integrity”

—“I will treat every patient with courtesy—“, and — “I pledge that I will do all in my power to live up and improve the highest traditions of my profession”, are just a few of the inspirational words included in “The Radiographer’s Pledge. Group rates available upon request.