Program Director’s Pinning Ceremony – Manual Manual/without Video




The “Radiography Pinning Ceremony” can be one of major highlights for Radiography Student graduates, their family and the program faculty. It is a symbol of their struggles and accomplishments to reach the goal of graduation. The student’s Program Pinning reflects back on their class, the trails and triumphs, provides an opportunity for the students to thank the hospitals and staff radiographers, teachers, and families who have supported them along their educational pathway. After 34 years of Pinning Ceremonies, the Manual indicates the factions which are successful, and “road-bumps” to avoid to prevent possible conflict, or division among the classmates. The ceremony is meant to be a reflection back, and look forward toward a successful future in the Medical Imaging

Professions. In effect, it is an opportunity to indicate, “best wishes to classmates, plans for the future, and special thank you to those who have provided a “hand-upward” throughout the student’s educational endeavors. The Manual includes information on how to begin the Pinning Ceremony process at the beginning of the student’s second year of training, and progressively work with the students through their Club Meetings, to reach the goal of their Pinning Ceremony and Graduation. This process, in many cases, has proven to be the motivator to help students stay in college, as well as, building strong classmate relationships, as they traverse toward their ultimate goal of graduation. Acquiring the Manual and Video, allows one to actually view a ceremony, thusly providing the Program Director greater latitude and guidance in altering or adding additional events, which relate directly to their program, college, or institution. To my knowledge, there is no other Manual which provides direction and information on how to achieve this goal. Lastly, I would be happy to provide any guidance or assistance via email, or phone, after purchase. In conclusion, this Manual and Video allows a Program Director to gain valuable information on how to begin the detailed process of a Pinning Ceremony from inception to finality with an excellent result, long remembered by students, hospitals, college and families, as a professional event symbolizing achievement and recognition.