"Xray Gifts" is a byproduct of 40 years in the Medical Imaging (Radiology, Radiography, Sonography, Nuclear Medicine, CT, MRI, CardioVascular Intervention, and Mammography) Professions. During those years, I was a Registered Radiographer, while working in the areas of Cardiovascular-Interventional, General Diagnostic Radiography, and Orthopedic Imaging. In 1972, I started working with the North Carolina Community College System and assisted in the development of a Radiography Program.


Over the next 34 years, this department grew into a large Medical Imaging Division consisting of the above mentioned departments, under my leadership and with the support of a dedicated Medical Imaging faculty. My Mother was a Registered Jeweler, and as time progressed I learned her trade and eventually took the licensing examination to become a Registered Jeweler. Over the years, there have been few items of quality in the Medical Imaging field, so with the encouragement of my mother, I created and developed items for various Health Care professions, and individuals who wanted to demonstrate a support for a cure, such as Breast Cancer and Mammography.


This Medical Imaging website also includes several jewelry items, with exceptional quality and low cost. If interest is demonstrated in these items I will add many additional items in the future, or you may contact me for the 1000's of additional jewelry items for purchase, at extremely low cost. Thank you for reviewing "Xray Gifts" website and I would welcome your comments or suggestions for additional items or products.